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Frank Mall, CLU

In early 1986 Frank Mall started a financial services practice with a simple philosophy: provide financial guidance based on each individual client's needs and build long-term relationships to monitor and adjust the results of that guidance. More than three decades later that core philosophy is still fully employed day-in and day-out.

Frank believes that someone who is equipped with a well-thought-out financial roadmap can make well informed financial decisions. He works with each client to understand what they want to accomplish, when they want to accomplish it and what resources are available. From there, their own financial roadmap is developed for further discussion, with action being taken on the highest priorities. Time is taken to explain and discuss components of a well-outfitted financial journey and decisions are then made based on what is best for each client.

Frank and his wife Jeannie enjoy cooking meals for family gatherings, especially with their grandchildren as well as seeing wonderful destinations right in our own back yard. Ella, Elliott and Redbud the snuggle-cats and Moose the attempting-to-herd-the-cats Australian Shephard (all rescue pets) round out the homestead.